Steam Valet ®
For more information contact us:   734-644-0617
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Steam Valet Benefits
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
* Steam more than one garment.

* The Steam Valet is retractable for              portability when traveling

* Works on a door frame or shower rod       with adjustable clamp to fit various door     frame sizes

* Steam Valet turns at 360 degrees and        takes the fuss out of moving and                repositioning clothes, unlike ironing

* Steam Valet makes steaming your              clothes fast, easy

*  Bottom Valet component keeps clothes      straight and convenient, when                  necessary.

* Use for blouses, skirts, shirts, pants,          pillow cases, sheets, curtains and more

For more information on the Steam Valet contact:
Tony Farris (734) 644-0617 or [email protected]