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Steam Valet - White, $34.99 Plus Tax and Shipping.

For every product sold on this website, $2.00 will go to the Flint Water Crisis. Purchase A or B Bundle Packages and $4.00 go to the Flint Water Crisis   

 ​1.) On All single item purchase orders add $8.00 for USPS shipping and handling for orders inside  the U.S.  For Bundles A & B, Shipping & Handling Crates $10.00 apply for orders inside the U.S. Please allow 5-7 days delivery. 

For International Orders Shipping and Handling is based on USPS International Rates.

* All Steam Valet orders come with the New Revolutionary Steam Valet Units (Adjustable  Bracket, Upper Component, Lower Component, Travel Bag and Shaft Attachment
Order Steam Valet* :   
Purchase the Revolutionary 
Steam Valet!

Price/Color and Package Options

Steam Valet  
Facilitates the Ease of Steaming your Garments!
Also Purchase Our New Garment
Steamer Line by SALVA! 
Order the SALAV TS-01 Hand Held Steamer:

TS01 - In White and Blue Color shown below: - $34.99

Bundle A  -   (1) Steam Valet and ( 1) TS-01 White & Any available color-  $69.99 USD

Shipping and Handling see 1.)
Order the SALAV HS-04  Hand Held Steamer:

HS-04 - Color: White and Grey: - $59.99

​Bundle B - (1) Steam Valet and ( 1)HS-04 - White & Grey - $99.99 

Shipping and Handling see 1.)​

If you have a problem placing your order please contact us via the contact us page.