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Steam Valet
The “Steam Valet is a garment steamer accessory tool that makes steaming clothes quick and easy. The “Steam Valet” is retractable for storage at home or easy portability when traveling. Use “Steam Valet” hanger accessory for steaming all your garments, pillow cases, curtains, etc.

Steam Valet Only $34.99  See Bundle Pricing with Hand Held Steamers.
SALAV TS-01 Travel Hand Held Garment Steamer 
SALAV HS-04/T QuickSteam Hand Held Steamer 
Steam Valet and Salav Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 5-7  business days.

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The SALAV TS-01 Travel Handheld Steamer provides powerful steam on the go. Compact, easy to fill and use, the TS-01 provides up to 10 minutes of powerful steam and heats up in a quick 150 seconds. The automatic voltage adjustment feature will adapt to any country’s required voltage making the TS-01 your ultimate travel accessory.

TS-01 Only $34.99      Bundle A                                          Price  $69.99*

* This Bundle A price includes 1 Steam Valet and the 1 SALAV TS-01 Hand Held Steamer. For Bundles A & B, Shipping & Handling rates $10.00 apply for orders inside the U.S.

The SALAV HS-04/T QuickSteam Hand Held Steamer is a powerful 1000 watt garment steamer built with the latest heating technology which produces powerful, drip-free steam in a quick 35 seconds. Compact, easy to fill and use, the HS-04/T is lightweight and portable. The dual steam settings and 8.2 ft. cord make it ideal for use around the house or an a variety of fabrics. Included accessories: (1) Fabric Brush Attachment

HS- 04 Only$59.99     Bundle B $99.99*

* This Bundle B price includes 1 Steam Valet and 1 SALAV HS-04 Hand Held Steamer. For Bundles A & B, Shipping & Handling rates $10.00 apply for orders inside the U.S.
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